"Dr. Gareau, your works on confocal microscopy were the starting point for my Ph.D. programme."  ~Maria Contaldo, Seconda Universit√† degli Studi di Napoli

Dr. Daniel S. Gareau is an Instructor In Clinical Investigation at The Rockefeller University.  Current research focuses on screening and early detection of skin cancer through imaging.  Ongoing clinical trials include Video Assisted Micrographic Surgery in collaboration with Dr. John Carucci of New York University and the Melanoma Advanced Imaging Dermatoscope, in collaboration with Dr. Sancy Leachman of Oregon Health and Science University and Dr. Ken Linden of The University of California Irvine. 


New Research article in Experimental Dermatology:Digital Imaging Biomarkers Feed Machine Learning for Melanoma Screening Automated detection of pigment network

Automated detection of the pigmented network leads to quatitative metrics for melanoma screening.  The link above will take you to the original article and the video below is a summary of the work.

Digital imaging biomarkers feed machine learning for melanoma screening from Dan Gareau on Vimeo.


Interested in historical forensic spectroscopy?  (thought so!) check out this evaluation I recently did on a letter from the Civil War with a mysterious stain on it.  It was (very geeky and) a lot of fun.     Blood Spectroscopy

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