What is a Sound?

Sound science is when the physics of acoustic waves meet the biology of hearing.
Turn it up, because geek-rock is a thing. {youtube}90O47j1kZGU{/youtube}

Sound Science info:


Sound Science Music StoreDr. Gareau is currently producing (with the help of good Martin Zarzar and Dave Eggar) a set of science songs under the newly invented "Sound Science" genre.  Each science is paired with an appropriate traditional music genre: a rock song about LASERS (because LASERS rock), a reggae song about the sun, a "Valence Electron Blues" about longing affinity, etc.  Log on and "like" Sound Science to be kept abreast of the geeky milestones: The Sound Science songs can be purchased at the music store including the hit: "Sins and Cosins"


Heart Attack

The following video features Barry Coller, the Physician in Chief at the Rockefeller University. His bio says "Dr. Coller established the platelet αIIbβ3 (GPIIb/IIIa) receptor as an important target for antithrombotic therapy. This led him to develop monoclonal antibodies to the αIIbβ3 receptor that inhibit platelet aggregation" but you may find the following (musical) statement less dry.  We put this together as part of the NIH Common Fund video competition and ended up tied for second place out of 57 entries as determined by NIH Director Francis Colllins. 

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a mysterious cosmic entity. What is it? Where is it? The intrigue is at a fever pitch. Everybody rock out, it's dark, and it MATTERS!


LASERs was written by Dan Gareau and originally recoded by Bedrosian and Lappiere, but completely re-produced by Zarzar in impeccable style. The music video contains live footage from the CLEO conference, where the song was debuted at the 50th anniversary party for the LASER's invention.


This piece is aimed at painting a healthy image for young women that de-emphasizes the importance of physical beauty and places value in intelligence ... sort of like the anti-Miley.  There are many important messages to be communicated with music and sociological idioms can fuel empowerment, the time is NOW. Here is a recent performance of the tune ... {youtube}zn__dGxWkVc{/youtube}

Peer Review

 A science rap creation, Peer Review is a fundamental tool used by the scientific community and academia in general.  Everybody rock out!  


 Sharks is a showcase for our ocean's top predator. The shark is not only an evolutionarily perfected swimming machine, but a collection of amazing traits such as the lateral line, a specialized sensory organ that can feel the electric fields produced by other fish. Sharks also don't get cancer. Hmmm... maybe it would be nice to not drive these potential subjects of bio-mimicry to extinction! 

Confocal Melanoma Detection

In case you were wondering if I am a geek, the answer is yes.  But never mind, here's how I throw down the funky fresh rap about the actual content of my research.  Melanoma is a deadly cancer that, if detected early, is completely curable.  My sick rap below shows how we can prevent people from getting sick.

The Universe Groove

This was the very first music video to be released: The Universe Groove. Everybody can share The Universe Groove! 

Derm Rap for ASDS

The first music video I made was when the Derm Ressies cam up and were all like: "we need a rap to bust out for the ASDS,"  so in the studio of Martine Zarzar, we set out to rap the skinformation.  It's Martin on the bass and me on the guitar & beatbox.



DJ Double Helix

Check out Martin, rapping it up like a Pro. MC.  We had traveled to the CLEO conference for a special gig on the 50th anniversary of the LASER's invention.  Now that's fun! 

 DNA, hey, what do you say?  … DJ Double Helix is here to stay.  DeoxyriboNucleic Acid with a kick from the bases so it's never flaccid.  Got a major groove and a minor groove where the proteins can bond so that we can move!    [Lyrics by Martin Zarzar]

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