Raman Spectroscopy

This page contains all the necessary code to calibrate the X-axis of a spectrometer so you can plot your results as a function of wavelength (or wavenumber in this case) instead of pixel number.  You will need a spectrometer capable of acquiring a spectrum that is a string of numbers, each the intensity at a particular wavelength and a calibration standard such as a Raman scattering target.  The example given here uses a 785 nm LASER and Acetominophen standard but with a bit of modification, this technique should be able to work on emission standards such as Xenon or Argon lamps or work with any LASER wavelength.

Take a look at the Matlab code by clicking on this link.

First, download all the following files into one folder on your computer.  The run the Matlab script "Run_n_show_result.m"  This will show you the calibration on our system.  Then you can replace the spectra with your own and modify the Matlab script accordingly to calibrate your spectrometer.

Link to Matlab script

Link to spectrum 1

Link to spectrum 2

Link to spectrum 3

Link to peak data

Link to Princeton Instruments data

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