14 April 2013

Dan and Voxel get hit by maniac driver!

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Dan and Voxel get hit by maniac driver! - inline

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A wild drive through Midtown ended with an out-of-control car crashing into a crane.

The crane, located on Park and 53rd was hoisting a piece of artwork at the time, which fell to the ground.

The driver of the Infiniti with New Jersey plates fled the scene.

A two-year-old Mini Husky named Vocksle, and his 36-year-old owner Dan Gareau were hit by the driver while they were crossing York Avenue.

"I got blindsided by a car going 10 miles an hour, went up on the roof, and then went off and the car kept going," said Gareau, "he didn't look drunk or impaired at all, which was the most scary thing, because if I had fallen in front of the car, his demeanor suggested he would have just run me right over."

Luckily for the 36-year-old PHD, who designs high-tech microscopes, his dog, the driver of the other car that was t-boned, and the motorcyclist were not hurt. " As a pedestrian in New York City, you'd think you got the white walk signal, you walk, but I just want to say that it doesn't matter who's fault it is when you're dead," adds Gareau.

Gareau escaped with only a bruise to his leg, and his dog was okay.

He says the driver was a middle-aged man, who police are now looking for - they have a lot of questions for him about his cruise through Midtown.

CLICK HERE to see pictures from the crash.

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